Hello, my name is Maria and I'm first and foremost responsible for organising the International Winter University as well as numerous university-specific programmes for you. What matters the most to me, besides the academic side of the programme, is what you're going to experience with us. You'll witness how successful energy transition is in Germany, how we generate electricity from wind and sunlight right on our doorstep. And you'll live in the homeland of the Brothers Grimm and in a centre of modern art. But, above all, you'll get to know yourself. Staying in Kassel, being on the university campus and living in a German family, as well as being part of a group of young people who come together from all over the world just for a few weeks to share experiences and activities, is bound to make you change your perspective again and again. I

When you return home after completing your programme, you'll be richer than ever. Rich in experience, knowledge and impressions, in new ideas and friends, in being part of an international network, in credit points and new opportunities to communicate in other cultures. You, the students of our programmes, will grow together as a team who will learn for life – together.     

We are here to help! For all enquiries, please email us using the form below. We'd be pleased to hear from you!