International Summer Academy

Study Program

Relating to the overall topic of studying in and about another country, the program of the International Summer Academy includes the seminars listed below. All seminars will be taught by faculty members from the respective disciplines of the University of Kassel.

Classes meet daily in the mornings or afternoons. The seminars combined have over 60 contact hours and are worth 10 credit points. Students participate in all 3 seminars. Eventhough previous knowledge in the selected field of topic can be useful for the completion of the course, the admission is not restricted to students of a similar subject.


  1. 1
    German as a Foreign Language, Regional Studies and Business Communication

    The seminar combines different aspects of learning German as Foreign Language, exploring German culture and using German language in business communication. Working with quality textbooks as basis, the students learn about several selected topics, including regional studies und business related themes. The speaking skills, presentation and presentation techniques in the university context are also subjects of several teaching units. Additionally, thematic preparation and course excursions on the subject of fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, the museum “Grimmwelt” and a visit to the lecture of a fairy-teller in the “Knallhütte” historic site are a part of the seminar.

  2. 2
    Intercultural Communication

    - Theories of Intercultural Communication

    - Interculturality in the university context

    - Artefact Theory

    - Critical Incident Method

  3. 3
    Scientific Skills

    The seminar describes the steps of producing a scientific work. Students will learn about the explanation of the concept and introduction to the topic of scientific work.

    Forms and of scientific work, citation techniques, bibliography, presentation, preparation of a handout, e-mail correspondence and scientific language will be discussed.

    There will be application-oriented sub-tasks such as the compilation of a bibliography on a self-selected topic after the research. Furthermore, students will learn how to create a handout linked to the presentation in the seminar "Intercultural Communication".

    Professional e-mail correspondence in an university context will also be part of the course.