Credits and Assessment

Upon successful completion of the courses you will be awarded credits by the University of Kassel. The credits are based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) which is applied by most European institutions of higher education in order to facilitate the transfer of credits gained in certain study periods from one institution to another. More information on ECTS can be found here: European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

The transfer of credits awarded at the International Summer University has been agreed upon with some of our partner universities. It is recommended to consult the contact person in charge of the academic recognition of credits at your home institution before you sign up for the ISU.

You can achieve up to 10 ECTS credits:

  • Study program: Seminar 1 (20h) - 3 ECTS-Points
  • Study program: Seminar 2 (20h) - 3 ECTS-Points
  • German Language Course (40h) - 4 ECTS-Points


The system of grades serves to reflect the student´s performance by documenting the quality of work completed and marks attained.


The quality of completed coursework is reflected in the “Transcript of Records” which every student receives from the University of Kassel. With the help of a point system each student can demonstrate their achievements to their home university and have the appropriate credits transferred.

Transferring ISU Credit Outside of Europe

Please be aware that your home university likely reserves the right to determine the transferabilty of credit points. Therefore, ISU cannot provide you with final credit transfer information. However, we have found that many universities follow a similar process. Consult with your academic advisor, department head, or dean's office. Present them with the course information from our website. A decision can usually be made at this point. However, the ISU team would be more than happy to provide additional information, if needed. As always, our professors are here to answer any questions and resolve any concerns. Please provide the appropriate contact persons with our email address and we will forward all questions to the proper reference.

Note to American Students: 4 ECTS credits will likely transfer as 2 or 3 US credits.