Hello, my name is Juergen and I'm primarily in charge of designing the Summer School Programme of the International Summer University. Thinking global matters to me, especially in a time of increasing nationalism, because only those who live across cultures can learn to understand themselves and the world better. With us, you'll have the opportunity to encounter other cultures in a relaxed way. Through our programmes, participants from the USA and Australia in particular, whose home countries are so large that they don’t often travel abroad, get the chance of meeting young people from completely different cultures for the first time.

We are constantly developing and expanding our programmes to offer you interesting options such as the Renewable Energy Summer School where you have four modules to choose from. It goes without saying that the academic quality of our programmes remains our top priority.

But above all, we offer unique experiences. You'll learn a lot because you'll have fun with the other students who will quickly become new friends. Over a short period of time you'll lead an exciting life rich in new experiences in your host families. You'll constantly gain new impressions, whether it be during the games night, on the excursion to medieval Marburg, when visiting a company, during your German classes or in personal contact with the others. You'll learn quickly and easily because everything is going to be varied and lively. And also because everyone of us will be committed.

After completing our programme, many students consider studying or working in Germany. And there are also students who, thanks to the International Summer/Winter University, have forged lifelong links. I personally look forward to welcoming every single student to each of our new programmes.    

We are here to help! For all enquiries, please email us using the form below. We'd be pleased to hear from you!